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We have been in business since 1993 and our firm has more than 800 years of combined business knowledge, marketing, advertising sales experience and wisdom. Each person averages 2 to over 40 years' experience. PTPMARKETINGFIRM.COM is a Business, Marketing, Advertising, Sales & Career/Job Consultation Firm and PHILANTHROPISTS Business, Career Job And Mindset Organization. We have consultants, members and/or mentors in CA, NC, SC, MO, NY, VA, FL, MD, GA, NJ, AZ, etc. As a business, marketing, advertisement and sales consulting firm we are designed to strategically help all businesses small, medium, and large.

Visit our website, email or call us anytime (24/7) for more information about our firm or organization. Our firm and/or PRIVATE WORLDWIDE ORGANIZATION will help you start, sustain, build, network, grow, or go into business with or without money. FOR LIVE TESTIMONIALS CALL IN NOW 1-877-777-3481


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