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PTP Marketing Firm

Uniting Gods Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, & Philanthropists Worldwide!!!

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PTP Marketing Firm



Uniting Gods Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, & Philanthropists Worldwide!!!

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Also Advertise In Our World Class Network

Go Local Go Nationwide Go Worldwide!!!


Available 24/7

Chapter 1 1-704-755-5253
( Leaving a VM Is a Must If You Miss Us.)


Chapter 2 1-877-777-7155
(Call 5:30 - 7:59 am ET)


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Frequently Asked Questions Quotes & Business Techniques

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our product/service. That's why we provide the answers 24/7. For immediate answers call 24/7 or email:

Here Are Some Questions You May Have

  • How many free consultations do we get?
  • What is the free advertising gift?
  • What is co-op advertising?
  • What is shared cost advertising?
  • How many businesses can I put on the site?
  • How do we get a discount from a company on the site?
  • How do I get a regular job?
  • Is there an affiliate program?
  • Whats the best times to call?
  • How much is a membership?
  • What type of businesses can we put on the site?
  • How do we get a promo code?
  • How do we get a promo ID?
  • How do we get sponsored?
  • Is there a referral fee?
  • How much us the referral fee?
  • Why is there no monthly, no autohip, no yearly, no renewal?
  • How do we stay on the site?
  • How do you get an A+ rating on this site?
  •  How does your company keep an A+ rating on this site?

Some of the Greatest Business Quotes Ever Quoted During the 21st Century

Call in with the name of the author of the quotes below & you can win cash, advertising, or other prizes.

  • "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."
  • "If you don't design your own life plan, changes are you'll fall into someone else's plan, and guess what they have planned for you? Not much."
  • "Work harder on yourself than you do on your job."
  • "Motivation is a fire from within. If someone tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly."
  • "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them. A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill & the will, but the will must be stronger than the skill."
  • "Some people say money won't make you happy. Well, poverty won't either."
  • "The disciplined rule the world."
  • "Anybody who says, money don't make you feel good ain't had enough."
  • "Every man has 2 men in him, a king, & a fool. How do you know when you found a queen? When she speaks to the king in you."
  • "Both poverty & riches are the offspring of thought."
  • "If you can actually count your money then you're not a rich man."
  • "A single idea — a sudden flash of an idea — maybe worth a million dollars."
  • "You will never become rich, until you hate poverty."
  • "You're only one thought away from riches."
  • "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily."
  • "The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine."
  • "Your 1st income covers your bills & your 2nd income covers your toys." - LJM
  • "You can call me up to midnight & if you're talking about money you can call me after midnight."
  • "You're preaching to the choir."
  • "You're preaching to the pastor/reverend/preacher/minister." - LJM
  • "You have to believe it to achieve it. "
  • "You can call me up til midnight, if you're talking about cash money, you can call me after midnight." - LJM
  • "Each one teaches one."
  • "The difference between ordinary, and extraordinary is that little extra."
  • "How do you like that Lamborghini? Woo!!! That's an 8. How about that one? That's a 10. How about the one on the showroom floor? That's an 11 heaven." - LJM
  • "Listening is so powerful it's been called charisma." - LJM
  • "90% of being charismatic is just listening and talking about their interests." - LJM
  • "Dress to kill or dress to give life." - LJM
  • "Dress to give life" -LJM
  • "Since content is king, then the engagement and marriage is advertisement." - LJM November 2018
  • "They say money won't make you happy; that's because they never had any."
  • "Be the chess player, or be the chess piece."
  • "Many a small idea has been made big & or branded by advertising."
  • "Creativity or being creative without strategy is called 'art' & creativity/being creative with strategy is called advertising."
  • "Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century."

All Info on the FAQ

Quote & business tips page, will be delivered on the 1st week of each month, between the 1st & 8th.
8 months a year excluding March, August, October, and December.

Business Words of the Month: 

Sept./Oct. sounding board = When you get a group of people to critique any type of project you're working on.

Sept./Oct. sponsor = Advertiser who pays for part or all of a television or radio program. By running one or more advertisements during the program.

Spanish Business Words of the Month: 

Sept./Oct. Maid (Noun) = Criada, Sirvienta

Sept./Oct.. Nanny (Noun) = Niñera


 Ain't No Easy Way:  Athlete  Musician  Singer  Rapper  Pro Quarter Back  College QB  Point Guard  Psychiatrist MD  Architect  Scientist  Lawyer • Doctor • Artist Race Car Driver • Entrepreneur

Some LEGENDARY Business Tips & Techniques That Kept One Of Our Leaders & Will Keep You In The BATTLE/WAR Forever & Ever So After Youre Gone Your Legacy Will Carry On From Generation To Generation:

$ Pray For $ells/$ales

$  God did not design it for us to argue & grumble with each other, so argue and grumble with yourself (LEADERSHIP!!!)

$  Manage Your Health

$  Get real good at hiring or master it

$  Get real good at recruiting or master it

$  Get real good at prospecting or master it

$ Get real good at scouting or master it

$ If It's Not Positive, Don't Say It. 

$ Work With The PRO'S

$ The business person that $tudies the most makes the most $MONEY & the business person who $tudies the less make less $money (HOME WORK  HOME WORK  HOME WORK)

$ Do The Hardest Things First

$ He Who Calls The Most Strangers A Day Wins

$ Make every minute count, make every second count, make every moment count

$♦ Act like a boss is watching you even if you don't have one

$ Do Everything You Ever Learned

$ Continuous Learning (♦Its What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts)

$ Formal education will make you a living; self - education will make you a fortune

$ Your most powerful 3 questions at the end of the day Is: • How Many People Did You Ask For $ • Is How Many People Did Ypu Set A Appointment With  How Many Strangers Did You Talk To

$ Know Their Limitations

$ Know Their Strengths

$ Listening is the most important technique of all when $elling

$ The $elling takes place when you're talking & the buying takes place in the silence

$ People have to pay full attention when there talking to you

$ The #1 way to motivate people is to let them talk

$ People love to hear themselves talk let them talk

$ Listening Builds Trust

$ Listening is so powerful it's been called white magic

$ They believe it when they say it & doubt it when you say it

$ Over Pay Your People

$ Don't Always Have To Have The Last Word

$ Never Leave A Nasty Memo

$ Teach them to bring you solutions not problems

$ Fight For The Team

$ Create A Comfortable Atmosphere

$ Silence Is GOLDEN

$ Silence is GOLDEN After The Closing Question

$ Let the customer do 80% of the talking

$ $elling Ain't Telling Asking Questions Is

$ To Achieve Greatness & To Become Legendary You Have To Eat Sleep & Drink It

$ We were given 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason

$ Go help someone its impossible to help someone without helping yourself

$ The first thing a KING is taught after he receives the crown is get used to being lonely 

$ Always do something hard & lonely Examples: musician, athlete, get real good at or master playing chess, martial art, kung fu, dr., $ells, exercise, psychiatrists (MD), a 2nd language, start a business, founder a business

$ $tudy like a Psychiatrists MD, Musician, Singer, Rapper, Pro Quarter Back, College QB, Point Guard, Athlete, Architect, Scientist, Martial Artists, Race Car Driver, Entrepreneur

$ Help the rich get richer if it gets you richer

$ Don't Let Them Out Work You

$ Don't Let Lhem Out $tudy You

$ Don'tLlet Them Out $ell/$ale You

$ ABP ALWAYS Be Prospecting

$ ABC ALWAYS Be Closing

$ The One Who Calls The Most Strangers A Day Wins

$♦ The One Who Shows The Video The Most A Day Wins

$ Don't call people during business hours unless you're trying to pull $money out of them

$ The greatest psychologists of all time agree only 2% can do 2 things at 1 time. That's why most people under achieve. So when conducting business do 1 thing at a time, even more so if youre conducting business on the phone

$ To Avoid The MANAGEMENT TRAP (don't call or set appointments to train people during PRIMETIME Business Hours)

$ The most money is made in the morning (we didn't make the rules even the hunters & fishermen after working 60 to 80 hours a week so they can afford the boats and weapons have to get up in the morning. Whether there dirt tired or not)

$Cut The Crap Prioritize

$ Make 1 More Call

$ Push People Up

$ Edify People

$ If Its Etched In There Mind Let It Go

$ Look in the mirror while you're doing your phone work

$ Read 4 to 6 days a week (average 5 days a week) — even its just 1 to 5 pages a day or up to a chapter a day.

$ Frequency & Consistency

$ You Have To Become A: Great Sensational ExtraordinaryUnbelievable Awesome Fabulous One of a kind Out of this worldMagnificentExceptional In a league of your own one of the greatest The Greatest Legendary - ASKERER & Even A Better LISTENER Because LISTENING __________________________________________________________________________________________

$ You have been talking for 5 minutes & you ain't asked a question yet you better learn how to $ell

$ Shared Cost Advertising

$ ANCHOR Businesses/Anchor Busness (*HDM Taught)

$ The 3 Golden Rules In Business Is Advertise Advertise Advertise

$ text. Text TEXT

$ Asking Questions Is #2 & Listening is #1

$ Aripp Glsp

$ 4P Every Call

$ Professional Scorer Professional Finder Professional  Closer Professional Develper

$ Each One Teach One

$ Knowledge Is Power

$ Combined is knowledge is priceless power (FIRM)

$ Cut deals, & create partners that's what Business Owners FOUNDERS CO-FOUNDERS CEO.S CEO'S/PRES. & PRESIDENTS Do

$ Be the chess player, not the chess piece FOUNDER your own COMPANY(S)

$ Peace is for women & the weak EMPIRES are FORGED by WAR {*In business the forging is the $elling)

$ Build your business like an NFL or college football coach and/or general manager.

$ Sale, recruit, hire, etc. and put in 8 to 20 hrs a day if that's what it takes. Example, Jimbo Fisher, Florida State's Seminoles head coach, said right after they won the BCS World Championship, "We're going to take 2 days off, then get back out there, and start recruiting, selling, & hiring, so we can repeat."

$♦ OBSESSION Obsession Is Your Number 1 Weapon Not Number 2 MASTER SOMETHING(S)