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Free Business Classified Ads & Free Want Ads Pages in Pineville, NC (Locally, Nationwide & Worldwide)

Call PTPMKTGFIRM.COM today to purchase want ads for your business to showcase what you can do for others in Pineville, NC, and ANYWHERE Locally, Nationwide and  Worldwide!

You can write it so you put it into your own words. That way it is coming from your own heart and mind or we can help you write it. We will link it directly to your website, to strengthen your network & net worth.

If you are offering a service or goods to the public for a profit or a fee. Your ad is a business ad & they are $25 or higher. Examples are: yard care, cars, auto insurance, home repairs, rentals, child care, credit repair, hauling off trash, animal stud service, security systems, etc. We will attach it to one of our sites. Personal item ads are non-business ads & are personal items that cost less than a $1,000. Real estate & business ads do not apply as a personal item ads. Personal items ads = Reg. $20

Call us 24/7 to ask about our specials!!!

Our two mottos are, T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles) and "always over-deliver" that is why your item will stay up for 4 business quarters = (1 yr.) which is provided, so you have the peace of mind. While you barter, trade, auction, or sell!!!

The 3 Golden Rules in Business is Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Being creative without strategy is called art & creativity/being creative with strategy is called advertising. Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century many a small thing has been made big & or branded by advertising.

To order, press this link CUSTOMERS AND SALES Email & a phone number or call 1-816-616-7280 (Text/Talk) Do Both Text First Then  Call


Jane Doe's Family Talent Festival - FREE food & drinks, children 12 & under FREE. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!!! Children games & rides, teen & adult talent shows, singing contest, lead guitar contest, Drum playing contest, motivational speaker contest. 2 stages active with live entertainment at all times, comedy, poetry, MC's. Vendors welcome & for more info about ticket prices, entry fees, etc. go to (SAMPLE AD)


John Doe's Pizza: A Real Italian Restaurant - Taste fresh dough (not frozen,) all natural, any style: Italian Sicilian, Chicago deep dish, New York style, vegetarian, vegetarian with meat, meat lovers, Greek, Stromboli, calzone, margherita, gourmet, etc. Any styled crust: thick, thin, hand-tossed, stuffed, etc. Any styled peppers: Carolina cayenne, Charleston hot chili peppers, crushed peppers, banana peppers, bell peppers, jalapeno, yellow peppers, pepperoncini, etc. Many styles of bread: garlic bread, breadsticks, etc. Many types of seasoning, & spices: garlic buttery dip, garlic powder, Italian season packets, etc. We carry the most different types of delightfully fresh toppings. We cook directly in front of you. Eat in & carry out only. No delivery call __________  (SAMPLE AD)


*FOR ANY COMPANY That has positions available. Including OURS (*TRAINING Available 2 YEARS Commission, SELLS/SALES EXPERIENCE Needed. Salary, Hourly & or commission work at home or in the field positions & contracts available. Available Positions. INCLUDES CEO, Sales Managers, Assistant Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Consultants (Make up to $45 a hr. or More.) MOSTLY Needed Advertising SALES MANAGERS, and Advertising Assistant Sales Managers. and Advertising Sales Representatives ALSO  MOSTLY Needed, Independent Contractors (ALL Sales Positions Require 2 YRS Minimum Commission Sales Experience. *ALSO Needed maintenance supervisors, handy men & remodelers. *Qualifications = high school diploma or GED *You must own a computer or laptop that moves at an average speed & have a phone to receive your assignments, & you must be 18 yrs of age. Drug-free (no legal or illegal drugs: or cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) Call  Now  24/7  1-877-777-5507

Credit Repair

If we can't get your credit score to 720, we will give your money back. Live the lifestyle you & your family deserve call 1-877-777-4109


Drive your dream vehicle or get into a 2nd or start up vehicle. Good, bad, or no credit $300 to $1,200 down. We specialize in bad & no credit Cal Now! 24/7 1-888-888-8360 Or 816-616-7280 (Text/Call Do BOTH First Text Then Call)


Free jewelry worth up to $100 no catch. This is a good catch.

We offer over 50 pieces of jewelry at any given time. All we ask you to do is cover a minimal shipping & processing fee of $6.99 for each free piece. We also offer 100 free pieces that aren't free. Instead, they are heavily discounted (up to 98%) & they ship for free. Most customers can't resist purchasing non-free items. Luckily this is how our connect stays in business.

Call to learn how to get connected 877-777-6794

Jewelry Businesses

Start a jewelry business sponsors & or private sponsors available no with or without money. Call 877-777-3062

Salary and/or hourly commission positions available.
Salary and/or hourly and/or commission tele-marketing positions available.


Tele-marketers brokers needed work from home or location. Get paid what you're worth Call Now 1-777-777-1159 managers & assistant managers also needed.

Security Systems

ADT Security systems - 0 down, call now for your free system. We been around the longest, we have the best & most updated equipment (Honeywell) & we have the most coverage with the most towers (so you wont have to worry, that a tower went down in case of a major, rain, snow, windstorm, hurricane, etc.) No service charges to fix equipment. Most important a theft protection guarantee $500 for each break in once a mo. up to 12 times a yr. also an affiliate program & an individual contractor program avail. Call today 818-401-2988

Make History
Go To (Blessed to be Born Without Arms) & contribute a $1, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, or more, or in between. A professional motivational speaker & book writer (YES A NO EXCUSE Whatever It Takes Attitude.) YES she writes with her feet!!! She's on the team of the legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown.

For bookings for an event, or more donation info. Do BOTH Text Then Call 816-616-7280 (Text/Call) or email Tawana & most important ask for your promo code so you can get your special offers. To link directly to her site go to the middle of our Home page, next to the Anchor Businesses or hit the above links.


Valentine gifts for your sweet heart. Give her the gift that she will just love and enjoy and reward you for many days to come. Give Her THE MOST FAMOUS OLD & NEW FASHIONED CANDY.


Need traffic to your website!!! Get it done by a company with over a million clients on there books!!! So you can have another fishing pole in the water, with the ones you're currently using: Facebook, radio, TV, billboards, car magnets (a moving billboard), flyers, brochures, etc. Call now & ask how to get connected so you can get your discount & special offer. 1-877-777-6794

New Internet traffic secrets get over HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS Of Visitors. *Also We Have Leads and Referrals Available!!! Philanthropy Organization SPECIAL Just For YOU. Donate what you can afford $20 or More Call Now For Free Gift

Do you need website traffic with incoming calls!!!? Do you need social media with incoming calls? We have several folks who specialize in 1 thing at a time. Or  if You want someone who specializes in 2 maximum things at a time. Or you just want someone who is real good at doing 3 things. Call for Free Gift & to Get immediately results with impulse buying customers!!! Ready to buy, with the money already in their hand!!! Call now 1-877-777-1159


Call for more info new & used boats left. 3 different sizes small (the smallest is the size of largest SUV vehicle you can find.) Call to see if these 2 larger sizes are for you. Medium & large. Times to call 8 a.m. EST to 11 a.m. 818-401-2988.

Work From Home Or In The Field *NEED CUSTOMERS OR REFERRALS OR Learn To Start, Maintain, Network, or GROW ANY Business

Traditional businesses, (brick & mortar) Store. Mall, Strip Mall, Catering, Vending, Home-based, On-line, Franchises, Kiosk, Vending, ETC. *ALSO Available Vending Opportunities At ANY Events (Expo's. Festivals, Concerts, ETC, CALL NOW 1-777-777-3481

REGULAR Fundraising & Crowdfunding Opportunities

Our new crowdfunding solution is different: Introducing the first and only unlimited crowdfunding platform in the world designed to overcome typical challenges of other platforms and providing unique solutions to help you fund your projects. CALL 877-777-5507 Now


Give him a gift that he will love you for and will help him to wine and dine you big time. Give him a book, a lottery book that is. Give him 101 Ways to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers. Make your man a winner today. Call For The Connection Now!

Sponsorship Categories

To get your business or event sponsored or to learn how to show or teach small businesses, medium or large companies, individuals, organizations, etc. How to receive sponsorship money call 1-777-777-3481

Gifts Year Round

Looking for the perfect gift for your friends and family?

We have A WIDE RANGE of gifts for you to choose from: Check out the selection Call For The Connection Now!

Cell Phones

SALE OF THE YEAR!!! Cell phones $23 & up & smart phones $55 & up comes with 1 mo. of free service UNLIMITED talk, text, & web call while they last 818-401-2988.






Use the business weapon that entrepreneurs, internationalaires, millionaires, billionaires, moguls, tycoons, playboys, lawyers, athletes, doctors, from all over the world use to call all over the world for less than it costs to go out 1 night a month call (816)-616-7280 (Text/Talk Do BOTH Text First Then Call)


TV, Websites, Radio, Bill Board, News Paper. Brochures, Flyers, Car Signs, ETC. Available Locally, Nationwide or WORLDWIDE. Get a new or used item PUBLISHED & Or CONNECTED To THE WORLDWIDE WEB for your business or event. Get Your BUSINESS ROCKING & ROLLING In 2019-2021!!!Internet, radio, newspaper, and TV ADVERTISEMENT SPACE AVAILABLE • The 3 Golden Rules in business is advertise advertise advertise • Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century • Many a small thing has been made big & or branded by advertising • Being creative without strategy is called art & being creative with strategy is called advertising • Get your phones ringing & get more employees working!!!. 6 digit or 7 digit your business In 2019 - 2020 Call NOW 1-877-777-5507




Now Hiring Hourly, Salary &/Or Commission